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China Monitor is the exclusive source for English-language reports produced by the China Economic Information Network - CEInet. Our experienced staff of in-house translators, editors, and economists closely collaborate to bring crystal-clear English versions of CEInet's world-class industrial reports to the international marketplace. Through state-of-the-art translation systems and exhaustive research, China Monitor provides its international clients with the best industrial and economic analysis unique to China.

Executive Team


Dr. Joseph Kasputys

CEO and Chairman of the Board

Dr. Kasputys is the founder and former chairman of IHS Global Insight, the world’s largest and most important source of economic data, models, forecasts, and scenarios, covering over 200 countries and 180 industries. Prior to his founding of IHS, Dr. Kasputys was chairman and CEO of Primark Corporation, a global information company listed on the NYSE. [Full Profile]


Dr. G. Dennis O'Brien

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. O’Brien is an international industrial economist, specializing in micro-econometric industrial models and international political economics. He is also an accomplished entrepreneur, who is experienced in structuring financial transactions involving intellectual property companies that provide data, analytic software, and quantitative models. He has acquired more than four dozen information companies, founded six, and taken two public. His academic studies include a PhD in Econometrics, an MPA in Political Economics, an MA in Industrial Economics, and a BA in Mathematics and Economics. [Full Profile]


Sandra Quintero-Reyes

Treasurer and Comptroller

  Sandra is the treasurer and comptroller of China Monitor, where she oversees the company's financial condition. She has worked in a variety of fields throughout her career, including systems engineering, data security analysis, and financial management. She received her MBA from the University of Delaware.   [Full Profile]


Yigang Ha

Executive Director of Marketing

Yigang Ha was formerly the director of the North American office of CEInet. He joins China Monitor as its Executive Director of Marketing. Yigang is a world-class subject matter expert in financial markets, specializing in the Chinese economy and securities. [Full Profile]